Best Party DJ Songs 2013 – New Party Music Hits

Which are the Best Party DJ Songs of 2013?

Looking for the best party DJ songs to sizzle your party night? Whenever you organize a party or just a small gathering, music is certainly one of the most important elements you should not forget. Without party music, the party may fizzle out or make all the guests leave so sooner than expected.

Best Party DJ Songs 2013 - New Party Music

Best Party DJ Songs 2013 – New Party Music

If you are just expecting a cool night, quality party DJ music is just the thing you should note. So where to find the best party songs to bring the party more happy? But your guests may still not be happy about your choice of party music. They may just expect the best and newest party DJ songs! So you can not let the crowd get so disappointed.

List of The Best Party DJ Songs 2013

Now, just take a glimpse of the best party music of this year. I have to say you’ll really enjoyed listening to those songs later.

1. [Pitbull] — Hotel Room Service
2. [George Strait] — I Cross My Heart
3. [Burn It Up] — R. Kelly
4. [I Gotta Feeling] — Black Eyed Peas
5. [Truly Madly Deeply] — Savage Garden
6. [All The Small Things & What's My Age Again] — Blink 182
7. [Believe] — Cher
8. [Can I Getta & A Hard Knock Life] — Jay-Z
9. [Do You Remember] — Jay Sean
10. [Halfway Gone] — Lifehouse
11. [I'm Gonna be Alright] — Jennifer Lopez
12. [Ooh Ahh] — Gina G.
13. [Telephone] — Lady GaGa
14. [U Got It Bad] — Usher
15. [We No Speak Americano] — Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
16. [Waka Waka] — Shakira
17. [Cyclone] — Baby Bash ft T. Pain
18. [Jump then Fall] — Taylor Swift
19. [Could You Be The Reason] — Akon
20. [Hot N Fun] — N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado
21. [I Got it Made] — Special Ed
22. [Stan] — Eminem
23. [Who Let the Dogs Out?] — Baha Men
24. [Footloose] — Kenny Loggins
25. [Ice Ice Baby] — Vanilla Ice
26. [Come Away With Me] — Norah Jones
27. [Red Red Wine] — UB40
28. [Cotton Eye Joe] — Rednex
29. [Macarena] — Los Del Rio
30. [Hollaback Girl] — Gwen Stefani
31. [In the Summertime] — Shaggy
32. [Summertime] — Kenny Chesney
33. [Don't Stop Believin'] — Journey
34. [Sexy Chick] — David Guetta
35. [Your Love] — Nicki Minaj
36. [On to the Next One] — Jay-Z
37. [Hey Ya] — OutKast
38. [The Final Countdown] — Europe

Of course, if you know who may attend your party, you can choose some party songs for your friends’ muisc taste. And if you have no idea at all, then you are strongly suggested to take my list of Best Party DJ Songs 2013.

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