Fun Wedding Dance Songs 2012 – New Wedding Music

Need Some Fun Wedding Dance Songs For Your Wedding?

Here I will provide you a cool list of fun wedding dance songs which includes country songs, classic songs, modern songs and romantic love songs. Just scroll down this post and have a careful look.

Fun Wedding Dance Songs 2012 - New Wedding Music

Fun Wedding Dance Songs 2012 - New Wedding Music

When the happy groom, bride and all the guests get up to dance in the wedding, it is the time that all guests are celebrating the happiness and romantic love which the new couple share. And the fun wedding music can obviously add more happy and fun to the atmosphere!

There may be the first dance wedding songs and then other songs. At the moment the bride and the groom dance to the romantic music, sweet gazing into each others eyes for ever. Then more popular, fun and modern wedding songs come which make everyone to dance and enjoy the romantic moment.

Amazing List of Fun Wedding Dance Songs 2012

These wedding dance songs are chosen very carefully. I’m sure that if you listen to these top wedding songs and you’ll make a special happy day.
1. [Close To You] — Maxi Priest
2. [Time of Your Life] — Green Day’s
3. [I will Follow You into the Dark] — Death Cab for Cutie
4. [Any Day Now] — Missy Higgins
5. [Blue Eyes] — Cary Brothers
6. [Everything] — Michael Buble
7. [In Your Eyes] — Matt Ketteman and Cameron Mizell
8. [One Fine Day] — Natalie Merchant
9. [Gorecki] — Lamb
10. [Such Great Heights] — Iron and Wine
11. [Elvis Presley] — Can’t Help Falling In Love
12. [Josh Groban] — Your Raise Me Up
13. [Sledge Percy] — When A Man Loves A Woman
14. [James Ingram] — So This Is Love
15. [Shania Twain] — You’re Still The One
16. [Joshua Kadison] — Beautiful in My Eyes
17. [The Wedding Song] — Paul Stookey
18. [Forrest Gump Suite] — Forrest Gump Theme
19. [You Raise Me Up] — Josh Gorban
20. [Grand March] — Verdi
21. [You Belong to Me] — Bob Dylan
22. [Rose of My Heart] — Johnny Cash
23. [Woman] — Wolfmother
24. [The Vow] — Jeremy Lubbock
25. [You and I] — Stevie Wonder
26. [Grow Old With Me] — John Lennon
27. [Clair de Lune] — Debussy
28. [From This Moment] — Shania Twain
29. [Just The Two of Us] — Grover Washington Jr
30. [Wild Is The Wind] — David Bowie
31. [Forever & Ever Amen] — Randy Travis
32. [One Friend] — Dan Seals
33. [My Girl] — Temptations
34. [Joy] — George Winston
35. [Erev Ba] — Shoshana Damari
36. [The Wedding Song] — Kenny G
37. [Crown Imperial March] — Walton
38. [How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You] — James Taylor

OK. Just enjoy these fun wedding dance songs here.

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