Dance Playlist of 2013 – New Dance Music

Need a New Dance Playlist of 2013?

Where to find a great list of dance songs 2013? Perhaps you are planning a private party at hom or a club, then which are the right songs for DJ to play? Sure, there are so many new popular dance party songs, wedding dance songs and other dance songs for you to choose.

Dance Playlist of 2013 – New Dance Music

Dance Playlist of 2013 – New Dance Music

It is dance music which can set a good party mood. And it is also closely associated with cool resonating and very friendly vibes. Dancing is such an age old and good therapy to show yourself and bust the stress. In fact, now dancing has successfully developed into a special professional line along with great creations of so many types of dance and dance music list. If you are one of those who love dancing, and you are also encouraged to pick some good songs out of my list for various occasions.

List of Top Dance Songs 2012

So you can enjoy the dance music not only traveling in the train but also walking on a little street. In fact, the best dance song may make you get up to dance anywhere. Such is the magic power of dance music. Checke out the list as below!
1. [One More Time] — Daft Punk
2. [Call on Me] — Eric Prydz
3. [Lean Wit It Rock Wit It] — Dem Franchize Boyz
4. [Thong Song] — Sisqo
5. [Bangarang ] — Skrillex
6. [Right In] — Skrillex
7. [Cracks ] — Freestylers UKF Dubstep 2010
8. [Drop It Low] — Kat DeLuna
9. [Pump Up the Jam] — Technotronic
10. [Everytime We Touch ] — Cascada
11. [Antidote] — Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party
12. [Right On Time] — Skrillex, Kill The Noise & 12th Planet
14. [Turn Me On] — David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
15. [Safety Dance] — Men without hats
16. [Chris Brown ft Benny Benassi] — Beautiful People
17. [Jennifer Hudson] — Where You At
18. [Robyn] — Call Your Girlfriend
19. [Sylvia Tosun] — World Keeps Turning
20. [Time Takers] — She Blows
21. [Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz] — City Of Kings
22. [Zombie Nation] — Kernkraft
23. [When Love Tales Over] — David Guetta Featuring Kelly
24. [Better Off Alone] — Alice Deejay
25. [Temperature] — Sean Paul
26. [Kiss Kiss] — Chris Brown
27. [The Bad Touch] — Bloodhound Gang
28. [Party Rock Anthem ] — LMFAO
29. [What Is Love ] — Haddaway
30. [Technologic] — Daft Punk

It is only a small list of dance music 2012. I’m sure that these songs played in a dance party can make your party happy and enjoyable. Have a fun with the top dance playlist 2012 here!

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