Best Dance Songs 2013 – New DJ Hits

Which are the Best Dance Songs 2013

Are you wondering which are the top and best dance songs? With the best dance music you and your friends can dance to the floor though all the night. So, I provide you a great list of those good dance songs for you here.

Best Dance Songs 2013 - New DJ Hits

Best Dance Songs 2013 – New DJ Hits

If there is a party, and it is the time to dance. It is the dance music that help you to set the high tempo and right environment so that you and your guest can let all the exuberance flow so completely and make your dancing all the night.

Just have a try of the new dance songs here and I’m sure that nobody can resist the cool temptation of enjoying the songs. In a word, my list of those songs maybe also your favorite playlist.

As a fan of musicand a club DJ, you may have your own taste of dance music. I have to say that it is just a private list of mine including many personal favorites. So, the list of best dance music should vary much according to different people’s interest and style.

New List of Best Dance Songs 2013

1. [Adele] — Rolling In The Deep
2. [Diddy] — Dirty Money ft Skylar Grey
3. [JTX] — Love In America
4. [Armin Van Buuren ft Laura V] — Drowning
5. [Benny Benassi ft Gary Go] — Cinema
6. [Sak Noel] — Loca People
7. [3] — Britney Spears
8. [My Humps] — Black-Eyed Peas
9. [Don't Cha] — Pussycat Dolls
10. [Circus] — Britney Spears
11. [Poker Face] — Lady Gaga
12. [Bump, Bump, Bump] — B2K & P. Diddy
13. [Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites] — Skrillex
14. [We Found Love] — Rihanna
15. [Fade Into Darkness ] — Avicii
16. [We No Speak Americano] — Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
17. [Sexy Chick ] — David Guetta & Akon
18. [Kernkraft 400 ] — Zombie Nation
19. [Crank It Up ] — David Guetta & Akon
20. [Take Over Control] — Afrojack
21. [Dust Eater] — Dubstep
22. [Swagga] — Excision & Datsik
23. [Michael Jackson] — Hollywood Tonight
24. [Cedric Gervais] — Love Is The Answer
25. [Avril Lavigne] — What The Hell
26. [Wynter Gordon ] — Til Death
27. [Kamouflage ft LP] — When The Lights Are Down
28. [Lenny B ft Roxxett] — Hysteria
29. [Get Up] — Ciara featuring Chamillionaire
30. [Vogue] — Madonna

If you use these best dance songs of 2013 for your party, you’ll the best rhythms of music! Have fun!

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